No unloved space

Firstly, before you put your home on the market, make sure there are no unloved spaces. If the kids have flown the nest, it may be time to remove the childhood memories – the posters on the walls, the dusty dolls, and the height chart in the corner. You still have the memories, but the next owner will want a blank slate to make their own.

Downsize your belongings

When you’re preparing to move, downsize your contents too. Think of downsizing as an opportunity to focus on what you want in your new home and rid yourself of clutter. Write a list of what you can and can’t live without. Sell off your un-needed items and you may just be able to fund your move.

Plan ahead

If you are ordering new furniture or white goods, remember that they often take time to arrive. Plan ahead to ensure you are ready for your move. Set up your utilities as soon as possible to minimise the inconvenience and ensure your final bills are cleared before you hand over to the new owner. This will make both your life and theirs a lot easier.

We will Focus on the positives

As a final tip, tell us about all the positives so that we can then focus on the good points. You may be downsizing, but a potential owner is possibly upsizing. They want a house this size, so point out the positives and think about how it suited your lifestyle before your circumstances changed. We can than help a prospective owner love your home. That’s why they’ll buy.

If ever in doubt, seek our advice as we are property professionals. We will be able to offer advice on everything from the best way to market your property to finding your dream home.